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Christopher J. Mangan
Revenue and Process Billing Analyst
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CJM Billing Solutions, Inc. is a full service billing consulting firm whose primary focus is Revenue and Process Billing Analysis. The success of your business depends on how well your departments work together in addition to how productive they are on their own. Our efficient, proven methods combined with experience make CJM Billing Solutions, Inc. one of leading authorities on business processes’ that directly affect your bottom line. We have seen companies who were losing hundreds of thousands of dollars and increased their cash flow on average of 21%. Most every company knows something is not working, but fail to find the problem.  They wait for years to take action towards a guaranteed greater success. Don’t wait! Your business is worth it. Your time is worth it.

CJM Billing Solutions Incorporated has been auditing the internal billing and collections processes of major corporations and a wide range of small businesses for over 25 years.  We come to you, find the gaps, and stop revenue loss to increase your profitability. Our sole purpose is to increase your cash flow. The best way to find out where improvement is needed is to hire a specialist. We are the billing and accounts receivable experts! We strategically focus on your process and make adjustments to increase your profitability. As I reference in my publication the Top 10 Billing Secrets, over $25 billion gets referred to collection agencies each year while even more is lost in write offs and/or uncollectable accounts. This new economy demands new knowledge of the billing process and dictates who gets paid first.

Armed with complete knowledge of the entire billing and collections cycle Christopher Mangan has collected tens of millions of dollars on some of the most difficult accounts and he knows how to get people to pay while keeping their business. Christopher developed collection agencies from the ground up and for over 15 years has been creating highly effective billing systems for institutions of Higher Education. Every post-secondary institution has seen significant impact on accounts receivables with these billing systems. 

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