Top Ten Billing Secrets

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Proven Benefits: 

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  • How to Collect from Past Due Clients
  • Faster Payment Turn-Around
  • Higher Revenue / Increase Profits
  • Reduce Administrative Costs
  • Reduce Billing Hassle / Increase Productivity
  • Create New Business
  • Increase Company Equity and Liquidity                              Complete the puzzle                           

    Top Ten Billing Secrets

The methods you use in billing and collections determine your cash flow and must be performed correctly or you will lose money.  The work habits of the people who perform your billing and collections dealings must know proven procedures for mainting and retrieving income. You need to know how to deal with customers who are accustomed to not paying so you don’t lose them and the revenue that they generate.  Consumer habits can be a road block or you can use conditioning to your advantage.  The faster you get paid, the less you pay in administrative costs. Learn no-nonsense collection techniques while preserving the self-respect of the customer and your employees.

Companies who commit to this program have been shown to increase revenues from 10% to 30%.  This road map to higher revenues was developed over years of billing and collecting money for everyday companies like yours.  We guide you with techniques so you attain better business practices and superior billing strategies proven to change how fast you get paid and the amount of revenue you generate each year.

Our enhanced techniques produce a lifetime of sustained changes so you can experience long-term improvement. Implementing this program will give you a greater understanding of the billing process because consumer habits relate directly to your bottom line.  

CJM has worked with some of the largest corporations in America resulting in improvements and faster payment turn around. It’s hard to believe that so many companies are not performing at their maximum potential. Debt collection totals are at an all-time high as a result of businesses who fail to recognize problems in their billing process.  

Out-source billing will forever be limited and can never equal the revenue potential that can be made in-house with a great process. We empower you and your employees with the ability to streamline the billing process to achieve better results with less effort. It’s easy to learn and easy to train anyone on your staff.

It doesn’t matter if you are a small company or a Fortune 500 Company, you’re losing money every day and you don’t even know it. Be proactive and be more profitable.

Commitment is the key. Be an industry leader! Get energized about the smart choice you have made to pursue revenue excellence through The Top Ten Billing Secrets. Welcome to greater success!