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January 6, 2017 by  
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Business owners face challenges on a variety of levels. While our success is directly related to our ability to perform a great service or deliver a “quality” product, our annual income is determined in its final stages which is our ability to collect the money. Billing and collection practices can provide gaps where clients take advantage by avoiding payment. I have personally witnessed companies who are falling short in this area and for some unexplained reason didn’t do anything about it. How can non-paying clients get over so easily? The fact that customers wait to pay is an indication that you should seek the help of an experienced billing consultant. My clients always share with me the reason they waited to seek help. Here is a list of common reasons business owners procrastinate:

  1. I just didn’t want to take the time to get help.
  2. I did not think anyone could really change things.
  3. I have done it the same way for years.
  4. I though getting outside help was going to be expensive.


These reasons hold companies back and most are a result of procrastination.

So where should you start?

Step 1: Admit to yourself that something is not working

Step 2: Understand that you are an expert in your field but not an expert in billing and collections 

Step 3: Decide to consult a professional with experience in Billing, Accounts Receivable and Collections

               Do something about it now!


CJM Billing Solutions, Inc. We are the billing and collections experts and have been dealing with non-paying clients since 1989. We have seen first-hand how a great billing process retains more clients and gets the money through the door. You are in business to succeed so stop allowing people to take advantage of you. Pursue all accounts receivable with proven strategies and tact.

Do it today and do it now! Make the decision. Why would any company continue to be frustrated when we guarantee a great accounts receivable process that reduces past due accounts and offers superior customer service? Stop dreaming of fixing the problem and fix it. Contact CJM Billing Solutions, Inc. (855)867-2455. 


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