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Billing, Collections and Accounts Receivable

December 12, 2014 by  
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Who is doing your billing, accounts receivables and collections?  Is it you, or do you have someone else doing this job? The people making the calls, doing the billing, and managing this part of your business MUST have the right personality.  I have seen companies lose customers and revenue because it was not a match. Your billing person can know how to “do it all” but lack real effectiveness when it comes to getting money through the door.  

On the other hand, you may have a person who is sincere and would execute the job perfectly, but they just need proper training. Learn to identify who has the talent for this task. Find people with a positive personality and while it’s more common that people with experience in this field are more efficient, you might find someone great with no experience. I remember when I first started in this line of work my supervisor saying “you will never last in this line of work”. I used collection techniques that produced results and quickly became a supervisor and trainer. My strategies became the leading methods used by collectors in that agency. I continued my experience and went on to create a new multi-million dollar collection agency which had great success collecting some of the most difficult accounts. 

Since 1989, CJM Billing Solutions, Inc. has produced millions of dollars for fortune 500 companies as well as small businesses.  Enjoy greater revenue through efficiency and proven methods. Christopher Mangan is the author of Top 10 Billing Secrets and he has been shown to increase earnings as much as 27% annually and companies are amazed. They had no idea such changes could be made. They spent years doing the same thing over and over and never realized their loss. Don’t you think it’s time to enjoy greater success?


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