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Billing is Great Customer Service

February 22, 2014 by  
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Customers are the only reason you are in business. This may be an obvious statement; however, there are a great many businesses who don’t view billing as a way to satisfy their clients. When you bill them properly the money comes in more consistently. When you have weak areas in your system or inconsistent monthly billing methods, it’s viewed as unprofessional and poor customer service. People need only a little reason to not pay on time. Give them a small way out of paying and they will take it every time. Some companies end up with a line of past due and non-paying clients. Consistency is one of the most important factors in keeping the revenue flowing properly. A policy and procedure that can close gaps in your billing will not only keep revenue flowing but when customers are billed properly, it’s viewed as great customer service. Too many businesses are failing in part in this area and have to chase customers for payment month after month blaming the client and not themselves. The best businesses find the best methods to bill and enjoy the greatest success. Consumer habits have been studied for years and it has been proven we can condition others in many ways. You must create a sense of urgency in your client while maintaining a great relationship. Customers respond differently to different tactics. CJM Billing Solutions, Inc. provides you with ways to cause the late paying client to respond with a positive outcome. Every company struggles with some degree of customers who pay late. Many businesses are choosing professional consultants who are experienced in collections, billing and accounts receivables. The Top 10 Billing Secrets is a publication that can help transform businesses. Break the pattern and get paid faster.


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