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Billing Problems

September 13, 2013 by  
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Are you tired of waiting for payment or begging for customers to pay on time? In most cases, the problem is not them it’s you, and the sooner you realize this the sooner you can stop chasing money continually.

Every customer makes a conscience decision about how, when and if they will pay you. Your procedure affects the rate at which you get paid.  Your actions determine their decision and your income. Will they pay you or buy the newest gadget or pair of shoes? These are real thoughts in the consumer’s mind.

Too many companies are so busy creating new ways for the immediate dollar they lack effective long term methods that make payment priority. Problem here is, they offer too much leverage and diminish their rate of payment and percentage of income. They don’t understand that their methods create a negative effect. Remember this! You influence your customer’s choice to pay you now or later and sometime they don’t pay at all. Most companies are so afraid of losing the customer they are sloppy or timid about their approach to payment. Do things right and you will make the money, keep the customer happy and have a greater degree of success with less effort.  


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