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Billing Problems and Debtors

September 9, 2016 by  
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Dealing with non-paying clients is time consuming and frustrating. These customers are arguably the worse part of being in business, especially for those with reoccurring billing. The problem is the debtor has a habit of abusing loopholes in the billing process. They avoid you or become confrontational while driving around in their high-end auto mobiles. For 25 years, I have studied these types of people and the tactics they use to avoid paying. They need to be programmed to pay and even the most difficult clients can be trained into a habit of payment.

Even now, some customers are thinking of new ways to avoid paying. As a billing consultant, I know how to change a clients’ attitude into one of compliance. I use methods that are proven and cause your accounts receivable process to be more productive and more rewarding. “Good Billing is Great Customer Service”.

The product or service you offer is your primary focus and chasing money is not. At CJM Billing Solutions, Inc. our main focus is how to stop clients for eluding their bill which effectively reduces past due accounts and increases revenue. We are especially focused on all aspects of cash-flow and the account receivable process. Revenue is our business and we have written the book on how to deal with difficult clients called Top 10 Billing Secrets.    

Every customer makes a conscience decision about how, when, and if they will pay you. We use techniques that market your billing to sell clients on paying. Our techniques, (billing and collection process) determine their decision. Stop allowing them to buy the latest gadget or pair of shoes over paying you. Enjoy a greater degree of success with less effort.  Contact us today for a free consultation (855)867-2455


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