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Chasing Payments?

April 2, 2014 by  
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Tired of chasing customers for payment? Do you wait for payments while clients string you along? It happens all the time. I have seen countless businesses experience and overcome this same challenge. You must correct the pattern of bad paying customers from the beginning. Break the cycle of non-paying clients with proven strategies that are easy to learn and guaranteed to increase revenue. Many business owners are reluctant to aggressively pursue payment for fear of losing future business and revenue. Your approach determines the outcome every time. You don’t want to lose the client but you need to get paid. In many cases, the customer knows they have you over a barrel and they play cat and mouse with your payment. That’s no way to run a business. It’s time to fully understand the game and play to win. When it comes to getting paid, take it serious. Learn the techniques used by a billing and collections professional. Know the rules and play to win. Change the outcome to get paid in full. 

CJM Billing Solutions, Inc.. has seen virtually every situation and since 1989 has implemented  plans for faster payments, less chasing of money and more profit. You don’t have to wait for your money and you don’t have to get frustrated.  Change it once and for all.  Top 10 Billing Secrets

 Consider this, consumer spending habits have been studied and the results show proven methods that cause people to buy. It’s obvious that equals higher revenues and greater profit. Likewise, our studies have shown proven methods that make people pay. Business owners who experience apathetic customers need a serious resource to change this cycle. Condition every type of client into a habit of payment. Find out what 25 years of experience in billing and accounts receivable can do for you. 



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