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Debt Collector or Problem Solver?

July 31, 2015 by  
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There are many ways to collect a debt but not everyone can collect. Some lack the skills required to be effective while others lack the desire or motivation to confront delinquent customers. Many businesses hire a specific person to pursue payments but too often, it’s the wrong person. The fact remains that chasing payments is a hassle and a successful process all comes down to you-the business owner. The tactics you use for billing and collections determines the rate of success. The debtor’s perception of you is either a “debt collector” or the “person helping” solve a problem. Which one are you? Which one do you want to be? The choice is yours. I can tell you from experience that being the “person helping” is far more effective and gratifying. It increases revenue and makes your life of dealing with confrontation a whole lot more rewarding.   

Have you ever experienced someone absolutely lose their cool on the phone? Maybe it was you who lost it. Money creates a heightened emotion in many people. This emotion can trigger anger in many people and the stress associated with money causes reactions that can upset both the customer and the business owner. Knowing the secrets to collecting money and applying proper billing methods makes life and business a whole lot better. Your ability to defuse a situation, keep yourself out of the conflict and get customers pay is crucial. You really don’t have to chase miserable people for money; you just need to know how to create a “sense of urgency”. It’s crucial that you remove negative emotions, tone, and certain words so you can inflict a positive outcome as the “problem solver” and not the “debt collector”. What does that mean exactly?

When contacting someone about a past due amount, your demeanor, choice of words and your technique are all equally important because they all have direct influence on getting paid. In the publication Top 10 Billing Secrets, you find the 4 T’s, Tone, Technique, Timing and Treatment. Apart from these fundamental elements, you will struggle with non-paying clients to a degree that it can ruin your day or many days for that matter. Negative procedures promote loss of revenue and loss of clients which in turn causes disappointment and discouragement in the hearts of many business owners.  This should not be, but it happens far too often. it’s time to take control of clients who don’t pay!

 CJM Billing Solutions, Inc. has been handling difficult customers since 1989. We have heard virtually every excuse and collected millions of dollars that were considered uncollectable. Now it’s your turn. It’s time to get good at getting paid.  


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