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October 4, 2013 by  
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You keep saying, “Someday we will get a handle on your accounts receivable to make it more efficient” but some day keeps moving down the calendar. This happens with most companies because they are satisfied that they are, at minimum, turning a profit and maintaining what they have been doing for years. Fact is their current process is working to some degree. However, as I have seen, most are missing out on greater success? I work with so many companies who had for years refused to look deeper into their process and focus on maximum effectiveness.  As I have stated in the past, their only regret is that they did not act sooner.

Someday is today. Do it today. Start NOW!

I have seen countless companies who were experiencing hassles with billing and payment who waited years to get help. Should you continue to chase your money or make the effort for a better billing and accounts receivable system? Do you want to work harder or do you want to have efficiency ease the process? The choice is yours. Choose a specialist who has worked in accounts receivable and has years experience.  You will never regret working to increase your revenue.  CJM Billing Solutions, Inc.



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