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Paying Customers

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One of the primary reasons accounts receivable, billing, and collections are such a problem is because some clients don’t want to pay. Most customers pay on time because their conscience urges them to do so. However, others will avoid paying and drive away in their high-end automobile without a second thought. This fundamental problem is very common but there are ways to break the cycle of non-paying clients. From the first meeting to the last payment, every step is vital and any gap that a professional debtor sees is an opportunity to exploit the process which leads to increased past-due accounts as well as higher administrative costs. These challenges make accounts receivable frustrating. The right consultant will help reduce conflict with debtors, employees and even executives with-in your company who refuse to listen to reason when it comes to the best practices related to client expectations. We tackle the biggest problems related to clients who don’t pay by implementing proven methods and strategies that work. Our specialty, which is the accounts receivable process, has had a tremendous impact on every client who works with us. Some of our past clients include American Express, Citibank, and Whirlpool. In addition, we work with many small to mid-size businesses to generate millions of dollars and reduce the frustration that comes with in-house collections. Being effective in today’s market place cannot be understated because it determines your rate of success and your level of stress.


Want greater revenue and reduced tension from your billing and collections? Improve the process, improve the invoicing, improve the in-house collections and set client expectations from the beginning. With the best practices in place you can then properly advise employees and employers to perform effectively and efficiently. CJM Billing is the fast track to meeting greater financial goals.

Christopher Mangan is the President of CJM Billing Solution, Inc. and the author of the Top 10 Billing Secrets.


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