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Procrastination and Revenue Loss

October 11, 2013 by  
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It’s human nature to avoid what needs to be done and just focus on what you “feel” like doing. The most successful people in business fought against this impulse to wait and procrastinate. They recognize that the urge to put things off could crush productivity and a faster way toward building their business. So what are you doing?

We must look directly at the things we need to get done to accomplish our goals. Sounds like common sense? Ask yourself, what is that “thing” that I know I must do, but keep putting it off? Everyone has one or more tasks that they avoid like the plague and truth be told, most of the time they are very simple tasks. However, the nature of procrastination sneaks in and stifles productivity while weeks or months go by. For some, there’s a list of tasks and that list is the mountain they cannot seem to climb which is keeping them for getting anything done.

The key is to take one thing from that list today and do it. Don’t look at the list, look at one task and work it to completion. I will mention it again; we get in the habit of doing what we “want” to do in lieu of doing what we have to do. It’s good practice to take a break sometimes but remember, face the task, do that one thing today.

Keep in mind, when you plant a seed you don’t get fruit later that day. And when you take time to plant many seeds, eventually you will harvest a crop.  Nothing happens over night.      

Someday is today. Do it today. Start NOW!

Furthermore, I have seen countless companies who were experiencing hassles with billing and payments who procrastinated for years to get help. Should you continue to chase your money or make the effort for a better billing and accounts receivable system? Do you want to work harder or do you want to have efficiency ease the process? The choice is yours. Choose a specialist who has worked in accounts receivable since 1989. Take that one step and you will never regret working to increase your revenue. CJM Billing Solutions, Inc.



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