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To Pay or Not to Pay?

September 2, 2016 by  
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To pay or not to pay? This question is on the mind of every client before a single dollar leaves their hand. So tell me, why would they pay you? More importantly, why are they not paying? If you don’t have leverage over them such as a car repossession or foreclosure, what can you do? When you lack the benefit of leverage, you have to rely on the skills of your billing and collection techniques. This is the only way to profit from difficult clients. Unfortunately, this is where many companies seem to avoid learning the proper procedures and they lose money for years. Why would any business owner choose to wait to get help in this vital area? I can tell you from experience, the ones who seek out help are the most successful and the most profitable. Seek the right help and become 100% effective in your accounts receivable process. CJM Billing Solutions, Inc. has been in the business of billing and in-house collections since 1989.  We know the loopholes clients use to get around paying you. We have seen virtually every scenario and heard every excuse and our mission is to reduce past due accounts and increase revenue. We literally wrote the book on the best accounts receivable process called The Top 10 Billing Secrets. Call us today and get the most out of your accounts receivable process because it doesn’t happen all by itself. If it did, non-paying clients wouldn’t take advantage or your good nature. Call Toll Free (855)867-2455. 


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