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Accounts Receivable Efficiency

November 15, 2013 by  
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People who run your accounts receivable department and work on collecting your past due accounts are the engine of your business. The better your engine, the greater your performance and this creates greater earnings. There are too many companies who are happy with an engine that is barely running. Most are coasting downhill and don’t’ realize they can turbo-charge their income and revitalize their earning potential. Some are even okay with poor performance and continue to lose valuable income for years. Complacency kills productivity and revenue potential. Many businesses focus a disproportionate amount of time getting new business and not enough time on the business in-house. While money is coming in, and that’s great, big money is being lost and unnoticed.

Some customers take advantage of your good nature and exploit loopholes in your process. Do they take too long to pay you?  Are you getting frustrated at the rate in which accounts become current do you fire customers or accept lower amounts for monthly payment just to keep them? You’re not alone. This is common to many businesses. The trick is to know how to condition them to stay current, appreciate you, and make payments on time. Most people have credit card debt. Do you know why? Because consumers have been conditioned to think they need something that they actually want…not need. Therefore they spend 12% to 24% more for an item and end up taking years to pay it off. That is just one tactic of how consumers are conditioned. In the same way, there are many methods to make customers’ pay. For example; return envelopes.  Many companies use them but this tactic eludes so many others. Customers are shown to pay much faster and more consistently if you provide a return envelope along with the bill. That is one strategy and a small piece of the many great methods used in this amazing eBook Top 10 Billing Secrets

Since 1989, CJM Billing Solutions, Inc. has produced millions of dollars for fortune 500 companies as well as small businesses.  Enjoy greater revenue through efficiency and proven methods. We have been shown to increase earnings as much as 27% annually and companies are amazed. They had no idea such changes could be made. They spent years doing the same thing over and over and never realized their loss. Don’t you think it’s time to enjoy greater success?


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