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Assisting Debtors

October 12, 2018 by  
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When we assist debtors, we actually stimulate our accounts receivable, collect payments faster and keep clients longer. The way we communicate to these clients will cause them to pay. Their ability to pay is virtually never attached to their willingness. In other words, they have the money, so how do you get them to pay you? There are different methods for different people. Identifying the personality traits is simple unless you don’t really know where to start. We have seen companies struggle for years dealing with these types of clients and we have learned the secrets to changing their habits and changing their minds. These methods are guaranteed to bring money in the door faster and ease the stress of collecting money. Most debtors are just lazy and complacent. Their attitude can be changed and they can become some of your best clients with a willingness to make their payment on-time every month. Why continue to wait for payments? The techniques are easy and available to you. CJM Billing Solutions, Inc. Family owned and operated since 1989. Enjoy greater success starting today! Accounts Receivable Consultants and Billing Experts. (845)496-0772.


Accounts Receivable Business

December 22, 2017 by  
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Every customer makes a conscience decision about how, when, and if they will pay you. Your process must appeal to them in a way that promotes the full payment on time. Your ability to use multiple billing models, which are easy to implement into your current procedure, will cause even the most seasoned debtor to stay current. Your process has a direct influence on revenue and cash-flow.

Gaps that allow debtors to exploit weaknesses in the revenue stream cause billions of dollars in un-collectable funds each year. A major fundamental dilemma facing many businesses is their refusal to master effective billing cycle management. While tangible revenue loss can be seen on a spreadsheet, the subtle loss of time and stress pilfers your bottom line and goes mostly un-noticed. Both are causing losses every day that are otherwise avoidable.

Finally, effective marketing can sell virtually anything. Will clients pay you or buy the newest gadget or a new car? These are real thoughts going through the consumer’s mind. Selling customer’s to-pay their bill is vital and the key to maximum cash flow. So what are you going to do? Why allow continued loss when there is practical, affordable help? CJM Billing, we are the leading receivables consultants in New York State and experts in Revenue Cycle Management. Bring your past due below 1% while saving time and reducing stress. The choice is yours. Do nothing, or do better?  Business as usual must be eliminated.

Christopher Mangan is the President of CJM Billing Solutions, Inc. and has over 25 years’ experience working with companies such as American Express and CitiBank as well as small businesses. His expertise involves Accounts Receivable, Billing and Collections. Want greater revenue and a billing system that is effective? CJM billing will quickly implement plans for faster payments, less hassle, and greater profits. Christopher is also the author of the Top 10 Billing Secrets, a comprehensive eBook written specifically to address the challenges of non-paying clients.

Cash Flow and Debtors

October 6, 2017 by  
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Look at your past due balance sheet. Look at the amount of delinquent accounts and how much money is owed to you. Now take the total amount and reduce it by 80%. That’s what I do for my clients. After working in senior management for companies such as American Express and Citibank, I now work directly with small businesses. My specialty is Cash-Flow. I am the owner of CJM Billing Solutions, Inc. the premier accounts receivable consulting firm in New York State. I create and repair billing offices for small business as well as fortune 500 companies. The most difficult part of my job is your willingness to really look at your delinquent accounts and admit that you want to do better. You are experts at selling your product or service. I am an expert at keeping past due accounts below 1%. You can do both. If you take a moment and pull up your delinquent accounts, you will see that you are losing money, time and working harder for what is owed to you. Want to keep customers satisfied and paying on time? Want to stay out of litigation? If you answered yes to any of these questions, my firm is the solution.   

The companies who work with me have seen a remarkable improvement in payment turn-around and a serious reduction in their delinquent accounts. It’s simple, but the choice is yours. Bring money in the door faster with less hassle. It’s immediate and economical.

Finally, I have such a passion for stopping debtors from taking advantage that I even wrote a book on the subject called, the Top 10 Billing Secrets. Stop allowing people to play games with your money. Get better at getting paid. I guarantee great results and a more enjoyable cash flow experience for you and your employees.

Your business is worth it!

Since 1989, CJM Billing Solutions, Inc. has generated millions of dollars for fortune 500 companies as well as small businesses.  There is greater revenue through efficiency and proven methods. Christopher Mangan is the author of Top 10 Billing Secrets and has a history of increasing revenue and easing the billing process to make it more effective. It’s time you enjoy greater success. Contact CJM Billing Today! (855)867-2455

Debtor Correction and Collection

September 30, 2017 by  
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Some customers have a continual pattern of not paying. It’s important to professionally and effectively break that pattern without losing their business. You can effectively combat every excuse with a proven response that generates immediate payments. Negative interaction with non-paying clients never results in a payment and it makes your business more difficult.
Past due accounts are the single biggest problem when it comes to cash flow. However, knowing effective ways to stop these debtors is the key to a better business. CJM Billing Consultants is an effective, easy and affordable answer to the progress that you desire in your revenue stream. Faster-Easier-Better. CJM Billing!

Since 1989, CJM Billing Solutions, Inc. has generated millions of dollars for fortune 500 companies as well as small businesses. There is greater revenue through efficiency and proven methods. Christopher Mangan is the author of Top 10 Billing Secrets and has a history of increasing revenue and easing the billing process to make it more effective. It’s time you enjoy greater success. Contact CJM Billing Today! (855)867-2455

Get Paid on Time

Get Paid on Time

Business and True Motivation

February 21, 2015 by  
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It’s no mystery why we venture to go into business for ourselves…  We want to make customers happy. Yea right! Let’s be honest; we are in business to be successful and make money. Income is the number one motivation for business ownership and if we happen to offer a good product or service, our chances for success increase exponentially.   

It’s safe to say that getting paid is one of the most exciting aspects of owning a business and we work hard to make the most of our bottom line and keep profits flowing.  If this is true, why do we allow a small percentage of customers to play games when it comes to paying? Why are some clients so difficult?

For one, they usually get away with it. Some customers are so good at playing games that even the most experienced business owners get worn down from chasing money. Difficult people challenge our continued efforts to get paid and the confrontation can be extremely frustrating. Non-paying clients exist in virtually every business and they are skilled at the art of not paying and why not? The money is in their pocket and all you’ve got is the stress of trying to collect.

The good news is that every non-paying customer can be brought into a habit of payment. Moreover, you can play their game and win. Game on!

Once you know your opponent you can implement strategies to overcome the obstacles that delay payment. Great strategies can stop professional debtors even when they try to adapt and continue their charade. There is always a way through their apathy and once you learn the tricks, it makes for a better more enjoyable business now and all future business as well.  

Now that you have acknowledged that there are some ongoing challenges, let’s look at some solutions.

The first thing you must do is look at your current process. Are there weaknesses that allow customers to take advantage? It’s so important that you take some time to examine your own process.

Take some time to analyze the following:


  • Your procedures from the very first meeting with a potential client
  • Your documents including invoices, payment reminders and past due notices
  • Your methods of payments and the ease of making payments to you
  • Your collection methods


After you review your system, take some time to evaluate some individual cases (Prior non-payers) and investigate what happened to determine why they did not pay. While each case can be significantly different, many underlining issues can be traced to one or more areas that customers use to exploit your billing and collection techniques. Obviously, these areas, once identified must be corrected immediately.    

Your company may be the type of business where you are forced to wait for payment. In other words, the client is waiting to get paid so they have to make you wait. Some clients know they have you over a barrel and abuse the system. They make you wait far beyond the reasonable time and earn interest on your money. They are intentionally hamstringing you for payment. This challenge is created by habit of historical process. For example, you don’t want to push too hard for fear of losing the client, so they take advantage pushing the envelope a little further each time.

You may be under the assumption there’s nothing you can do about it because that’s how it’s been for years. Believe it or not, you can set yourself up so you are not abused, but why do so many continue to follow this frustrating pattern? This may have plagued you for years and you have thought of everything. Outside advice may be your biggest opportunity to finally change this. There are two choices, do something about or allow it to continue.  The documents you use and your approach and strategies determine the speed in which you get paid.     

Recently we worked with a company with a very high deficiency in their accounts receivable. After investigating the reason for this default rate, we redesigned the invoices, by changing the statement “Due upon Receipt” to include a specific date such as “Payment of $1,370.00 Due on June 2nd.” We also purchased a box of bright yellow return envelopes to mail out with the invoice. Then we changed the format of the invoice to look more like a payment reminder than an invoice. Research has shown that people respond better to a letter form than an invoice. It’s more personal. Changing the invoice caused his default receivables to decrease exponentially. Then we looked at his process from first meeting of each client. We implemented ways that improved contact to the customer, created incentives for faster payments and payments options that made it easier to pay their bill. This caused another increase in revenue.

Finally, getting paid does not have to be frustrating but many choose to believe they can do nothing about it and they keep making the same mistakes expecting different results. Why do we allow some customers to dictate when and how they will pay? It’s simple.  We need to train them to pay on time.

Christopher Mangan is the President of CJM Billing Solution, Inc. and the author of the Top 10 Billing Secrets.

Past Due Accounts, Who’s to Blame?

October 24, 2014 by  
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What causes customers to pay? Why do some pay late every month? The answers can be found in your own billing and collections process. Too many business owners reject the notion that their process for billing and collections could be a problem. So often ego gets in the way of success and it’s business as usual. Excuses and blame do nothing to fix the problem and they stifle opportunity for real growth. When we criticize the client or succumb to the idea that it’s the way things work in “my” industry. They stop working on methods to improve the very process that dictates how fast and how often they get paid.

 I have even written a book on this very subject called The Top 10 Billing Secrets.

 How can business owners know if there is room for improvement? Just like you would go to a good contractor to fix your house, you go to billing consultants to find out what’s wrong with your billing and collections process. It’s that simple but so many great business owners miss it. If you are dealing with challenges that cause you to wait for payment, you can bet others have found a way through those people who play games and make you wait for payment.

 Let’s use a simple example such as return envelopes. Some companies still forgo sending return envelopes with the bill or invoice. That’s why you will get paid last. Customers tend to be lackadaisical and don’t want to get their own envelope, fill it out and hope they have the correct address; the fewer the steps the better. They want to place a stamp, insert a check and mail it. You may already use return envelopes, but there are several methods for getting paid that you may not be utilizing. I find it remarkable that some companies who expect timely payments are still not using many of the proven strategies that must be incorporated. Is your invoice set up to promote timely payment? I have seen some bizarre looking invoices that make customers dodge paying. Some clients need just a small reason to not pay.

Another fact that you may already know is the longer a bill goes unpaid, the least likely you are of getting paid. When bills go 30, 60, 90 days past due, your chances of getting paid are greatly reduced. What about businesses that only accept cash? You are losing money. Even when they know they are losing money they don’t seem to want to listen or change and again, it’s business as usual. Are you kidding?

How about the person making collection calls? Is it the right person? Maybe it’s you and you are not the right person for that job. How do you contact customers; phone, mail or text? Some methods are more effective than others.

Why do so many business owners who are great at what they do have a hard time getting paid? They keep doing the same things expecting different results. Is it “business as usual” for you or will you work to improve your process for greater revenue and less frustration for non-paying customers?  CJM Billing Solutions, Inc.


Billing And Payments Billing Consultants.

September 26, 2014 by  
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Getting paid is the second half of the business that must come first!

Since 1989 we have provided in-house billing and collections strategies for small businesses as well as fortune 500 companies. There is a serious need for real solutions to customers who constantly pay late and make you wait for your money.

There are a variety of reasons why some clients string you along for payment and these people need to be trained to pay. How many clients owe you money right now? And what about those you have to chase every month? Chasing people for money can be exhausting and it’s a hassle that needs to be corrected immediately. You can create a habit of payment in all of your customers and get paid faster.  

The way you present your operation from the first meeting and throughout the business relationship-which includes billing and collecting payments-greatly determines your rate of success. We implement proven billing and collection methods based on studies that overcome payment problems and help businesses experience greater cash flow.

While there is no “one size fits all” approach to this process, there are many fundamental laws that remain unchanged. For example, the longer an account remains unpaid the less chance you have of getting paid. Percentage of collectability decreases 30 days past due and becomes even more un-collectable at 60 and 90 days and so on. There are also laws that cause customers to pay. The techniques you use to pursue your money and communicate that payment is “due now” are vital. This is the 21st century and you need 21st century methods to get paid. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about losing clients when your approach is respectable but persistent. Good customers will respect great billing and difficult customers cannot escape the urge to pay.

Too many business owners wait far too long to do get professional help and miss out on a great opportunity to really solve their challenges. Many business owners cannot seem to get out of their own way and become stifled and complacent. Don’t keep guessing why people don’t pay, look internally and find the reason. This dilemma is so common that thousands and tens of millions of dollars are lost each year. 

As mentioned in “Top 10 Billing Secrets”, over 25 billion dollars gets referred to collection agencies every year and more gets written off as bad debt. How much of that money was yours? Why do so many business owners refuse to endeavor on upgrading? It’s business as usual.   

If you’re one of the few who is going to make the decision to get help and improve, you’re on the right track. You want greater success. You want changes with real results and tangible progress and that’s exactly what CJM Billing Solutions does. 

Billing Business As Usual

September 5, 2014 by  
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Most customers pay on time and it’s business as usual.  However, a select few are indifferent and make you wait. They have the money but there is no sense of urgency to pay you.  Some even string you along for months on end. The faster you solve this problem, the faster you can get paid.  Yet countless business owners put up with this aggravation of non-payment for years. They feel stuck because they don’t want to lose clients. The fact is, there are proven strategies to combat this common problem, but it’s business as usual and they continue in their frustration. This problem is more common than you may think. I have worked to solve these everyday challenges with fortune 500 companies as well as small businesses. The real problem is most business owners do virtually nothing to get help and learn the techniques that break the pattern of past due accounts. They continue to lose money and get frustrated by customers who are great at playing games. 

Since 1989 CJM Billing Solutions, Inc. has been helping businesses just like yours experience greater cash flow and increased revenue. We work with small businesses and fortune 500 companies to give them the tools needed to stop people from paying late and teach proven methods so frustrated business owners can enjoy greater success. Learn how to deal with past due customers and bring them into a habit of payment. Influence current customers to pay on time and set the tone for new customers to stay current? CJM is the leading consulting firm and we are experts in faster payments and higher revenue. It takes a special kind of person to run a business but it takes experience to bring the money in with little or no hassle. Visit us at CJM Billing Solutions, Inc.or get our quick guide at Top 10 Billing Secrets.

Billing Perceptions and Branding

July 18, 2014 by  
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Your brand speaks volumes about your business and who you are. It can determine which class of consumer is going to be attracted to your product or service. In addition, when you possess a great brand, your competition can be marginalized. Most importantly, there are many aspects of your business that bring your brand to life and cause consumers to buy. 

Think someone would pay money for a rock? Maybe if it were a Pet Rock… Some of the craziest products and services sell in high demand at higher price because of great marketing and branding. People’s perception of a product can cause them to spend more than what they can actually afford. 

Think about the car you drive. There is probably a less expensive car with the same features but it does not possess the mark of a perceived higher-class automobile and therefore not as appealing. Why not? We are conditioned to want to live in a specific socioeconomic class and will pay dearly for it. In the same way, we condition our customers to either pay on time or pay late.

As business owners, we should develop the 5 most important factors of success. These 5 factors are:

  • Product/Service
  • Sales
  • Marketing/Branding, 
  • Customer Service
  • Billing/Collections

I have seen some of the best companies fall short when it comes to the final step which is Billing and Collections. Why? Because it’s a hassle. And let’s face it, if you’re not the right person for this part of the job, you will suffer. That’s why you need proven methods to get paid fast and ease your billing process.

It’s interesting to work with a great number of companies who absolutely loath their billing and collections and lose money as a result. Business owners experience vast changes when they consult an expert who can aggressively focus in the area that directly affects revenue and cash-flow.  

As I have said before, “Getting paid is the last part of your business that must come first!“ Billing and Collections is the number one area where we see room for improvement in virtually every company. 

Great billing is part of a great brand and guarantees higher revenue, this is a fact!

Since 1989 CJM Billing Solutions, Inc has been helping businesses just like yours experience greater cash flow and increased revenue. We work with small businesses and fortune 500 companies to give them the tools needed to stop people from paying late and teach proven methods so frustrated business owners can enjoy greater success. Learn how to deal with past due customers and bring them into a habit of payment. Influence current customers to pay on time and set the tone for new customers to stay current? CJM is the leading consulting firm and we are experts in faster payments and higher revenue. It takes a special kind of person to run a business but it takes experience to bring the money in with little or no hassle. Visit us at CJM Billing Solutions, Inc. or get our quick guide at Top 10 Billing Secrets.

Payments and Customers Who Don’t Pay

June 14, 2014 by  
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While most clients pay on time with little or no problems, others string you along. I’m talking about people who can pay but choose to play games and make you wait while they drive around in their Lexus or BMW. These people have mastered the art of not paying. It’s time to change that. We provide techniques that give you the upper hand and bring the difficult clients into a habit of payment. Some people take advantage of your good nature and you can break that cycle. You can be gentle and aggressive at the same time as well as keep your clients.

Increased revenue does not have to come at the cost of a great relationship with customers. On the contrary, a great relationship can enhance annual revenue. When you maximize efficiency you can enjoy greater success and keep clients happy.  I know this because I have worked with schools, colleges, landscapers and doctors as well as fortune 500 companies such as American Express, Citibank and Whirlpool.  Recently I gave a symposium in Albany for New York State Organization of Bursars and Business Associates entitled, “Collections, Billing, and Conditioning Students to Stay Current”. I am the author of the Top 10 Billing Secrets, and president of CJM Billing Solutions, Inc. My name is Christopher Mangan and since 1989 I have proven that faster payments support higher revenue.

Contact CJM Billing Solutions, Inc. or go to Top 10 Billing Secrets, today and stop clients from taking advantage of you.

Call us today and enjoy greater success.  

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