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Accounts Receivable Difficulties

September 29, 2018 by  
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For over 25 years, we have watched good companies struggle and even fail because of difficult clients. Many businesses are not fully equipped to bill and collect payments from people who fail to pay. The process is very specific and only proven techniques can increase cash flow. The revenue cycle billing process involves an element of marketing to entice difficult people. Landscapers mow lawns every week and fight to get paid. Doctors and dentists have a constant flow of business but continue to chase even small payments. Why? Because they don’t fully understand the mentality of difficult people and how to train them to pay on time. Stop wasting time and do something about it. You will never regret training yourself to take charge of your accounts receivable process. Once you know how, it will last a life-time and increase your bottom line for good. This fix is easy to implement and economical? Don’t wonder why you didn’t do something like this sooner. Pick up the phone and do something now. Call CJM Billing Solutions, Inc. Revenue consultants and Experts in Billing!

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