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Get Paid Faster!

May 30, 2014 by  
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Too many customers play games when it comes to paying you. Do clients string you along and make you wait for payments? You are not alone. Chasing money can be exhausting and it’s time to change that!

Since 1989 CJM Billing Solutions, Inc has been helping businesses just like yours experience greater cash flow and increased revenue. We work with small businesses and fortune 500 companies to give them the tools needed to stop people from paying late and teach proven methods so frustrated business owners can enjoy greater success. Learn how to deal with past due customers and bring them into a habit of payment. Influence current customers to pay on time and set the tone for new customers to stay current? CJM is the leading consulting firm and we are experts in faster payments and higher revenue. It takes a special kind of person to run a business but it takes experience to bring the money in with little or no hassle.

Not everyone is cut out to collect money and deal with the confrontation and emotions of some clients. Make you accounts receivable process more enjoyable and more efficient. Send less money to collection agencies.

Afraid to go after money owed for fear of losing future jobs and income? We deal with clients like that as well.  Many businesses experience this same phenomenon. The biggest obstacle to your success is you. Too many business owners wait to get professional help and continue to lose money for years. See what 25 years of experience in proven billing and collections methods can do for you! Get paid “in full” and “on time”. Call or email us today! (855)867-2455.

Don’t have time to hire a consultant? We have written an easy to follow billing guide to greater revenue, Top 10 Billing Secrets. Greater success starts with you!


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