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Accounts Receivable Business

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Every customer makes a conscience decision about how, when, and if they will pay you. Your process must appeal to them in a way that promotes the full payment on time. Your ability to use multiple billing models, which are easy to implement into your current procedure, will cause even the most seasoned debtor to stay current. Your process has a direct influence on revenue and cash-flow.

Gaps that allow debtors to exploit weaknesses in the revenue stream cause billions of dollars in un-collectable funds each year. A major fundamental dilemma facing many businesses is their refusal to master effective billing cycle management. While tangible revenue loss can be seen on a spreadsheet, the subtle loss of time and stress pilfers your bottom line and goes mostly un-noticed. Both are causing losses every day that are otherwise avoidable.

Finally, effective marketing can sell virtually anything. Will clients pay you or buy the newest gadget or a new car? These are real thoughts going through the consumer’s mind. Selling customer’s to-pay their bill is vital and the key to maximum cash flow. So what are you going to do? Why allow continued loss when there is practical, affordable help? CJM Billing, we are the leading receivables consultants in New York State and experts in Revenue Cycle Management. Bring your past due below 1% while saving time and reducing stress. The choice is yours. Do nothing, or do better?  Business as usual must be eliminated.

Christopher Mangan is the President of CJM Billing Solutions, Inc. and has over 25 years’ experience working with companies such as American Express and CitiBank as well as small businesses. His expertise involves Accounts Receivable, Billing and Collections. Want greater revenue and a billing system that is effective? CJM billing will quickly implement plans for faster payments, less hassle, and greater profits. Christopher is also the author of the Top 10 Billing Secrets, a comprehensive eBook written specifically to address the challenges of non-paying clients.